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O'Hara, Patrick

O'Hara, Patrick

Team Number: 43
Birth Date: 12/31/1969
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 185lbs.
Position: Kicker
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Patrick O'Hara grew up in Topeka, Kansas. Patrick O'Hara was an avid soccer player who started kicking balls around at an early age. Surprisingly, Patrick O'Hara never played football, though he soon discovered a latent interest in kicking footballs for a hobby. Pretty soon, Patrick O'Hara had an idea: post himself on youtube, kicking amazingly long kicks downfield. Well, Patrick O'Hara's plan worked. Despite never playing football in his life, Patrick O'Hara walked on to the Oklahoma Sooners football team in fall 2009. Before long, Patrick O'Hara was wowing the coaching staff with his leg strength and accuracy. When Patrick O'Hara earned the chance to play for the first time in his life, he converted a 26 yard field goal into two extra points. Patrick O'Hara also made one extra point and two field goals (47 and 22 yards respectively) in a later game. And then, against Oklahoma State, Patrick O'Hara completed 2 field goals and made 3 extra points.

Patrick O'Hara certainly proves that even a late-comer to the game of football can thrive given the right skill set. Patrick O'Hara is an interesting player to watch on-field and after his strong inaugural showing, he is almost certain to have increased playing time this upcoming season on the Oklahoma Sooners football team.

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